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Colored Pine Straw - Roll

Colored Pine Straw - Roll

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Longleaf pine straw is considered the premium straw for landscaping. It has beautifully long needles, approximately 14 inches, Longleaf pine straw is the preferred choice of landscapers, developers, homeowners, and golf course superintendents. A fantastic natural ground cover for your property. It has more resin in the needles making it the longest lasting and also our brightest in color. With our colored pine straw, your straw will look beautiful 2-4 times longer than non-colored.

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  • . Reduces Labor Costs significantly.... as much as 40% - 60% if reapplied every 6 months

  • . Maintains Color 2-4 times Longer than Non-Colored Longleaf Pine Straw

  • . Clean & Dependable Pine Straw Product

  • . 100% Natural Longleaf Pine Straw

  • . Has the Lowest Safest Level of Toxicity Possible: Category IV, the Same as Everyday Sugar

  • . Is Available, Pick-Up, Delivery, and Installation

  • . Each Roll Covers Approximately 150-160 Square Feet or the Equivalent of 4 Bales at Approximately 40 Square Feet per Square Bale


Colored Pine Straw

Creates a high quality professional finish to your property!


Last Longer…

2-4 times longer than non-colored straw